If we needed an expression to define our era, it would be absolutely stunning. there would be change. What follows is an effort to keep up with these dizzying changes. would be. It can be said that all developments that radically transform life involve impositions. and this leads to the following problem; Are we perpetrators of our life? Included in our lives accompanies every technology and the fundamental societal changes brought about by these technologies. The idea that there should be a process of criticism and thinking that takes platforms have increased.

Based on these thoughts, Sociocritic emerged. Sociocritical focus society and receives criticism. Critical, i.e. criticism, by word origin based on Greek. assessing the nature of something critical and means to dissipate. reasoning based on critical criteria, things It is the activity of evaluating the differences and distinction between them. Elimination is the criterion refers to the instrument and criterion used for Therefore, above the critical sieve It refers to what remains, that is, what is durable in terms of quality. Starting from here Keeping the criticism alive in the world of thought functions to increase the quality.

Persistent criticism of the dizzying change (dialectical attitude) and The examination of the imposed changes (agency attitude) is taken as a criterion. We have the desire to think and criticize together based on freedom of thought. By positioning critique as a democratic institution, it We see it as a means of maintaining (public debate).

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Abdullah Çiftçi


Yusuf Fırat
Nurullah Çiftçi